The Rock

23rd July – Gibraltar Spent the day here looking around and it’s very quaint and British.  The access is a hoot; the airport runway (military as well as civilian; Gib is still an important military base) crosses the road so ti’s the only road I’ve ever been on where you are stopped for a plane… Continue reading The Rock

Pit stop

21st July – Almeria No chance to look around this town; just put in for fuel and buggered off. Apparently the marina manager recognised the GC from his catamaran racing days … when this was the biggest (and first) marina on this coast.  It’s now acres upon acres of greenhouses; interspersed with high rise buildings… Continue reading Pit stop

Party town

20th July – Ibiza It’s so damn lousy to have the wind in the nose; we are going so slowly … Hmm well the fun capital of Europe looks pretty dismal from the fuel station!  60s block apartments; humidity at around 200 per cent and an overcast sky doesn’t help.  As we were leaving though… Continue reading Party town