Get those home fires burning

19th July – Decided to do a breakfast bake this morning; partly because I was actually feeling a bit sea sick – we were going slowly – only 8 knots – and wallowing like a buffalo.  So I needed distraction.  Lined the loaf tin with baking paper; thinly sliced and buttered two layers of wonderful organic rye bread from the la Ciotat market – how I’ll miss that market! – threw on some grated parmesan and a container of smoked lardons; topped with a can of sliced mushrooms & more cheese.  Five eggs beaten with a half cup of milk; salt and pepper.  Bake for 45 minutes on 200.  My favourite temperature.  Easy.  I’ve been a bit obsessed with bread puddings lately; made a sweet one first off to use up about half a kilo of cherries; with baguette bread …


Dinner tonight will be Toulouse sausage cooked with flageolet beans and tomato; garlic and bay I think.  Needs bread; hence Betrave’s kneading.  It’s now rising beautifully on the shelf next to the fridge compressor.  It’s the perfect temperature.  I’m not supposed to use that shelf but it’s that or the engine room which I think we should leave till it’s colder.


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