The Star

SY Aquarius; a Fountaine Pajot Taiti 75; finely modified from a day charter vessel to a floating home with all mod cons and all required comforts – especially a well stocked larder and bar.

The Taiti 75 is configured as a day charter boat; so we have a big U shaped bar in the middle; which is the galley; then four tables on deck with benches; each seating 8 people.  So sitting dining capacity was 36; and full on board capacity 60.  But this is all just open space; and not at all suited to going to sea.  When she was delivered, they had a windbreak around the galley which we had resurrected for our trip to Masirah Island a few years ago but it had been pretty badly torn up in the cyclone that followed so the GC had it repaired in France.  He had also constructed two extra ‘wings’ with big Perspex windows that fan out and cover the rear benches.  The front benches were left in place as wave breakers; the tables removed and the other benches put against the new wings to strengthen them.. So we have a large wind protected and dry area to shelter behind.. The big gas cooker goes in front of the helm, so while it’s pretty well protected from the front things could be better when it’s windy from the sides; the flames need thoughtful protection.. But it does mean that I have a remarkable amount of firepower in the kitchen and a space that is bigger than most modern apartments.. I’m also fortunate in that as we were packing up house I could basically empty my entire larder on board and then stock up some more so we have a ridiculous amount of stuff; even I can admit that.  I can cook anything; just about; that takes our fancy.  Quite useful as it’s pretty much the only way I can keep myself occupied and from being bored!  It’s hard to read when things are pitching about and it’s a good way to be companiable on board.  We’ve all lost weight though; proving that good food never makes you fat.