Major Players


The GC ….

On a good day, the Grumpy Captain.  On a bad one, le Grand Con … native of St Pierre Miquelon; born and bred to go to sea.  Veteran of fishing boats; mulit hull racing; cargo ships; tug boats in Nigeria; and Muraroa during the nuclear tests…  and captain of my heart.  More crossings of the Atlantic than he can remember; engineer (and bush engineer) par excellence.  Addicted to everything – work; smokes; alcohol … me



The Genie …

Multi lingual Lebanese Rumanian longtime friend of my son; worked with us for two years in Oman and rejoined in January when Aquarius landed in Genova having taken her cruise on a cargo ship through the dangerous waters of the Red Sea.  Understudy to the GC in all things technical and physical and voracious appreciator of good food.



Betrave …

So named because the Omani boys working with us were convinced that was actually her name; and because she turns red with exertion … worked with us for three years in Oman before leaving for Manchester to study photography; childhood friend to the Genie; fluent French speaker and on board as understudy to me