Pit stop

21st July – Almeria

No chance to look around this town; just put in for fuel and buggered off. Apparently the marina manager recognised the GC from his catamaran racing days … when this was the biggest (and first) marina on this coast.  It’s now acres upon acres of greenhouses; interspersed with high rise buildings … Spain on the coastal strip isn’t the most beautifully developed part of the world for sure.

Wind; Ah; the most variable of variables.  Either too much; which means we are flooded on board; or not enough which means we are on motor.  The worst is the combo of the two – too much wind in the nose which means either constant tacking or just grim motoring with a lot of water on deck.  Fortunately so far THAT didn’t last more than a couple of hours yesterday; but it was enough to know that we didn’t want it.


We haven’t had nearly enough wind of any kind so far; our three day trip to Gibraltar will take nearer five; and we had to put into Ibiza yesterday morning for fuel and will again to Marbella.  The GC is trying to use minimum fuel at European prices; we will fill in Gibraltar to the hilt but we are also damn heavy so unless we get bigger tanks we will have a very limited range if these quiet conditions keep up ….

But it’s very annoying to see a fair few sexy Spanish sailboats passing us on the inside; all sail flying, because they are HEADING THE OPPOSITE WAY J

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