Some places just grow on you

23 – 28 July – La Linea

Our first impressions of this little town were not the most flattering; arriving as we did late on a Saturday afternoon when all the shops were closed apart from the supermarket.  Like so many places, without people it was dirty and dead.  That early impression wasn’t changed much when we went ashore on the Monday morning; even the supermarket was closed!  Stupid us had worked on board all the previous day – deciding that surely on Sunday the place would be completely comatose – and had missed the biggest fiesta of the year!  The Monday was ‘Hangover Day’ and so utterly everything was shuttered up.  What a contrast to the next day (and each subsequent day) when the place was just booming; people everywhere in all the cafes and shops.. Late in the piece we even found the indoor market – scores of tiny shops selling fresh meat and chicken of every variety; a fish market; charcuteries; veggie shops … and of course cafes.. Heaven on a stick.. Marcado de la Concepcion; on the road parallel to Calle del Clavel) The more we saw of La Linea the more we liked it.. Few tourists; lovely friendly people;  Lots of great clothes; shoes; could have spent up big if we had any more space in the cabins



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