Hasta la Vista Baby.

4th August

26 47N, 016 20W

First night at sea and already everything is different.  For one, we have
a bit of wind and in a nice direction so from cruising for a while on one
engine doing around 9 knots we tacked and are now doing around 9 with no
engines at all.  Yup; finally we are sailing.  All noises are different
and the boat feels completely changed.  The engines make such a racket but
you get used to it when you go to bed and the sound is comforting in a way
of course.  Now, the propeller shafts whine as the props spin with our
speed; waves splash instead of crashing against the hull and you can hear
the spray of us moving forward.. The boat rocks and flexes; she seems more
bouyant somehow even though she is much heavier with all that fuel and
extra water on board.
It’s nice to be back at sea.  The first few hours were idyllic; but by the
time I went down for a wash (OH how I dream of that rain shower in Las
Palmas!!!) I could see that my gumboots were beckoning.  Dinner however
was very yummy; porcini mushrooms and corn fed chicken breast from the
markets yesterday; done in a white wine and cream sauce; white rice and
Russian salad from the leftovers of a few days ago.  Fresh bread to mop up
the sauce and everyone is happy.
Tonight I am on the 1am watch for the first time, so early to bed …well;
it’s nearly 10pm.  Hey ho for the life at sea …

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